Platform and Technology Offerings

Cloud DevOps

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a well adopted and comprehensive cloud platform that allows different application providers and ISVs to host the newly created applications for the public use. Various SaaS based applications can be hosted securely through this AWS architecture. Software developers and clients prefer to use AWS Management Console to access AWS’s application hosting platforms.

AWS offers various featured web services for the global data centers. It can be portrayed as the digital software catalog to help the customers test and buy already deployed third-party software. In Han River Technology, you have the access to various top-notch AWS services like AWS EC2, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Relational Database and much more to cater excellence and formidable services for the clients.

Docker is a containerized platform that helps the developers to package applications into containers. In simpler words, it combines the operating system (OS) libraries and dependencies with the application source code. This is feasible for the developers to run the source codes at any environment and allows developing, testing and deploying applications instantly.

Dockers are effective for faster migrations, developing unique instances and quick deployment of the applications. We, at Han River, consider Docker as the most feasible and fast software platform to run application source codes and maintaining fewer software dependencies.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the physical objects that form a collective network of devices with the provision of improving the communication between the cloud and the devices. It denotes the scope of connecting different interrelated computing devices that links people with unique identifiers (UIDs). This improves the ability of transferring data in a network without the needs of human-to-human interactions physically.

Han River Technology comprises of the most recent and smart IoT infrastructure that provides the clients with the most tech-friendly UI interfaced applications. Better productivity and the cost-effective operations of our company are the results of the imperative use of IoT platforms.

Jenkins is basically an open-source automation tool consists of many Java plugins to test the software projects in a continuous way. Many deployment CI/CD automation software DevOps tools in Java programming language is the main architecture of the Jenkins. The main motive of considering Jenkins is to implement CI/CD workflows which in short called pipelines.

Developers in Han River Technology prefer to user Jenkins as it help them to integrate changes in the application that are being requested from the clients. Jenkins also helps to provide fresh builds of the applications and we consider this plugin to respond to the changes of the client quickly.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which aims at forming a machine that duplicates human intelligence and perform complex computing tasks iteratively. It is basically an intelligence that synthesizes information of the machines and opposes the complex thinking abilities of the humans. In short, AI is responsible for mimicking the different emotional and intelligence aspects of human beings.

Professional developers of Han River Technology believes in innovation and excellence, for which they look forward in considering the AI-based software for developing smart applications.

Machine Learning, in simple words, is the capacity of the machines to imitate the intelligence of the human behavior in terms of finishing the complex computing works. It can be stated as the subfield of artificial intelligence to imitate the behaviors of the humans to solve critical problems. The best usage of machine learning can be noted in using old data for predicting new outputs with new algorithms.

Experienced machine learning professionals are present in Han River having the knowledge of developing applications with different business process automation (BPA). We considered machine learning programs to upgrade the services of predictive maintenance of the applications for smooth running in different OS platforms.


JavaScript is the scripting language that aims at controlling multimedia and dynamically updates content for controlling multimedia features in applications. In a word, it is a programming language that creates dynamic applications and websites to enhance the popularity of script programs.

The professionals in Han River Technology use JavaScript language for making the applications user-friendly and improve the browsing features of the clients. Our designed applications consist of enormous amount of code blocks that makes it easier for the clients to navigate through different features.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is used to layout and style the web pages for improving the decorative features of the applications and websites. The main objective of CSS is to modify the designs of the web pages and implement colorful layouts and fonts for beautifying applications. CSS is based on XML language which is far different from HTML and improve the presentation of the applications and websites.

CSS is basically an extension to HTML which formats the webpages on the basis of cascading the variations of the screen sizes for different devices of the users. We, at Han River Technology, developed the webpages by using creative CSS scripts which are hardcoded and provide the clients with lucrative web designs.

VueJS is termed as the JavaScript library that guides the developers to form interactive and unique web interfaces. The popularity of Vue enhances by means of bringing interactive web networks to surpass the biggest rivals Angular and React on Github. There is a slight difference between JS and VueJS where the former is focused on executing JavaScript code on server side and the latter is based on developing single-page applications and UIs.

We, Han River Technology, have professional VueJS expertise that has the aim of developing responsive web applications as it is flexible for smooth running of the applications in variable devices. Professional developers prefer VueJS for developing cross-platform application stuffed with attractive features to meet client’s demand.

TypeScript is used for better tooling of the scales of the web applications that are strongly build upon JavaScript programming language. It is mainly used to improve the developer experience of using JavaScript and enable the typing safety measures to create secure applications for the third parties. TypeScript is neither a backend or frontend language as it focuses on drafting a superset of JavaScript.

The faster performance of TypeScript than Python influenced the developers of Han River Technology to utilize high-end 3D graphics in the web applications for providing it an attractive look. We always prefer this scripting language for creating large applications and managing the source codes for avoiding the issues of huge load-time.

ReactJS is the most well-known JavaScript library used by many developers to develop UI interfaces on the basis of the frontend UI components. The main usage of this ReactJS framework is to develop an interactive UI for the applications in different OS environments. Many extensions are present in the libraries of ReactJS that covers the entire architecture of the applications with the help of one-way data binding network.

The advantage of using ReactJS is to design easy templates for the web applications to improve the styles of the UI designs. This feature attracted the developers of Han River Technology and they primarily considered this framework to provide excellent cross-platform support for the applications.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language which is effective for creating web pages with a series of components and design elements. It is a compact system of including text flies for developing attractive fonts, graphics, colors and create various hyperlinks to the vast storage platforms over the internet. HTML can also be termed as the language of detailing the structure of Web pages to the clients for better understanding.

Semantic structure of HTML influenced the developers of Han River Technology to frame a lucrative design for the web applications and provide adequate media support in case of improving the offline capabilities (PWA). Various platform independent applications and indexed SEO features can be packed in web applications by using HTML scripts.


The acronym of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor which is mainly an open source scripting language that perpetuates the goals of developing dynamic web pages. It has a combined syntax from C, Java and Perl languages which are embedded in extracting database from Web server. PHP has the support from all Web Servers and had been widely used in synchronized way with MySQL.

Our professional PHP developers are responsible for developing server-side logics for the web applications for making it a smooth run in different environments. We, at Han River Technology, are focused on developing back-end components to connect with third-party web services for presenting smooth and interactive applications to the clients.

Laravel is basically a robust platform for supporting the PHP coding structure. The coding structure of Laravel is very easy to understand to the developers and follows a model-view-controller design pattern to uplift the scopes of interactive web application functionalities. Laravel helps to make smooth routing, sessions, authentication and functionality of the different features of the web applications.

In Han River technology, we had professionals who are expertise in Laravel and reduce the complexities of developing web applications with simple UI interface. The expressive and elegant syntax used by our Laravel professionals improved the structural dependencies of the applications in different development environments.

Python is considered to be the high-level programming language that focuses upon an interpreted and object-oriented dynamic semantics. It consists of a high-level built in data structures and aims at defining different automated tasks for conducting efficient data analysis. Python is developed for creating variety of different programs without any specialization upon the specifications of the applications.

Python developers at Han River Technology aimed at considering this programing language for declaring the variable types to set an organized and simple coding structure for the applications. The developers prefer doing coding in Python as it is easy to track the bugs and manage the projects efficiently.

Node.js is effective for executing JavaScript code server-side and aims at creating a persistent connection for the smooth run of the real-time applications. It is an open source development that focuses on establishing a cross-platform runtime interface for the application to formulate a scalable and fast networking medium.

Node.js platforms helped the developers to frame a non-blocking architecture of multithreaded applications to get supported by different threads. This is not an exceptional for the developers of Han River Technology to induce the multithreaded features in the applications. Our Node.js professionals are highly dedicated in making the applications interactive with better runtime mediums.

CodeIgniter is a model-view-controller (MVC) framework that is effectively used by the developers to develop web applications rapidly. Different unique and innovative libraries are present in CodeIgniter that focuses on connecting database with a list of operations like email sending, uploading files, managing sessions and much more. CodeIgniter consist of a rich set of functionality that guides the developers to mobilize the pace of the website development works.

Developers at Han River Technology prefer to work in CodeIgniter as it is easy to manage the source codes of the applications and the also keep a track of the bug fixation policies. All the PHP developers’ aims at making the development tasks easier by consider the MVC framework and develop dynamic webpages to focus on modular methods.


React Native is basically an open source JavaScript framework that aims at developing relevant mobile applications with the help of various JavaScript libraries. It is designed to build applications on multiple platforms like iOS, Android and several distinct code-based platforms for smooth execution. Same codebase can be formulated in terms of developing natively-rendered mobile applications for different third party service providers.

The main feature of React Native is to develop an open-source UI software framework that guides the software developers to frame multi-platform iOS and Android applications using native UI elements. We, at Han River Technology, aims at building the JavaScript code with a hierarchy of UI components to maintain a stable build of the mobile applications to finish off the tasks within the stipulated deadline.

iOS is basically the acronym for iPhone Operating System that powered all the Apple’s mobile services that unifies the concept of framing an Unix-derived operating system. Objective-C and Swift are the programming languages behind the development of this iOS platform. The current operating systems that are evolving from Apple had come from Unix platforms which includes iOS, iPadOS and macOS. In simple words, iOS is operating systems that are used by Apples to develop the OS of the iPhones.

We, Han River Technology, had professional iOS developers who are distinctive in providing modern features to the applications and also monitor the smooth runtime features for the iPhone lovers.

Swift code is an interactive and intuitive programming language that focuses on developing modern features for different iOS based applications. It is a safe and secured programming language that develops the software in an adequate manner to run at a lightning speed with less secured vulnerability. The main goal of Swift code is to modify the system programs on the basis of the demands of the mobile applications that are scaled in cloud services.

iOS developers at Han River Technology consider Swift as the most safest and modern coding platforms for implementing modern features in the applications with the scope of fast execution of the coding patterns in Objective-C.

Flutter, in simple words, is Google’s UI toolkit that aims at crafting complied and beautiful applications for the desktop, web and mobiles. It is a single codebase platform that have the provision of working with the existing secured code patterns. These guide different developers to focus on considering an open and free source of coding platforms to link with variant database networks.

Flutter helps the developers to develop different cross-platform applications with the help of Dart which is a reactive programming language for making the development easier and faster. In short, it is a SDK and UI toolkit which is used to develop applications for developing high performant desktop and mobile applications.

Kotlin is termed as the static object-oriented programming language that is based on Java virtual machine and Java libraries. It can be simplified by means of integrating LLVM encoder that has the objectives of providing less redundant coding infrastructure. Kotlin is a concise and expressive programming language which reduces the issues of the common code infrastructure.

Android developers in Han River Technology uses Kotlin for grabbing the benefits of framing best in-class features of the applications to downturn the errors of existing applications. Kotlin also saves the time of our Android developers to understand the coding infrastructure by using less verbose language.


The innovative and most acceptable mobile automation testing tool, Appium, is effective for automating the mobile applications in several operating systems like Android and iOS. This is an open source tool that renders the goals of integrating automated testing features to make a smooth execution of the hybrid applications. Appium is very much useful for writing test cases of the applications against multiple platforms like iOS, Android and Windows with the same API configuration.

QA professionals of Han River Technology aims at considering Appium for allowing automation testing along with manual testing to monitor the functionality standards of the hybrid web applications. The features of zero dependencies of Appium reduce the complications of the applications to run in different dependent OS platforms.

Zed Attack Proxy or OWASP ZAP is an open-source application that monitors the security performance of the already developed web applications. Different professional penetration testers consider this dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools for searching for the vulnerabilities in different web applications. OWASP ZAP is efficient for determining Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) identifier to raise the effectiveness of SCA tools.

Advanced SQL injection and the AJAX Spider Add-on are the lucrative features of ZAP that help the developers to manage the History Tags of the applications with less effort and minimal breakpoints.

The most effective and efficient testing tool for measuring and analyzing the performance of different software products is known as Apache JMeter. This open source software is based on Java platforms that focus on testing the FTP applications with better performance testing and loading features. This application is used to do functional testing, load testing and performance testing of the web applications to reduce the challenges of manual segmented testing.

In Han River Technology, the QA professionals focus on considering Apache JMeter for conducting performance test of the application in different server types like SOAP, HTTPS, Web-HTTP and much more. We have a well-trained coordination team to consider these platform independent tools in accepting the features of Java virtual workstation.

Manual testing is a traditional method of testing the software applications for figuring out the bugs. It is a slow process in which the QA professionals had to write the test plan first and then prepared several test case scenarios for drafting best results. This testing is used to execute Ad-hoc testing and exploratory testing for checking the functionality of the applications minutely.

Experienced QA professionals of Han River Technology aimed at considering manual testing approaches to figure out minute bugs in applications. Our reputed QA executives promise the clients to deliver quality applications with full functionalities on the basis of their demands.


SQLite is an effective in-process library that focuses on adequate implementation of the transactional SQL database engine to uplift minimal support from the operating system. SQLite is effective for running several embedded devices like iPhones, Android phones and gamer consoles in different OS environments. SQLite is developed with the help of ANSI-C.

SQLite supports the entire open source SQL database to store huge amount of data with the formation of different connections like JDBC, ODBC and much more. Professionals of Han River Technology prefer to use SQLite as it is easier for them to compile different programming language to access the database.

MongoDB is a non-relational document database that provides support for JSON-like storage and has flexibility of developing a definite data model. Adequate indexing support can be gained from MongoDB that restricts the scopes of replications with rich APIs. NoSQL is an alternative of the traditional relational databases to manage the documents-oriented information.

MongoDB is a document database for developing scalable and available internet applications. The flexible schema approach of MongoDB raises the popularity among the development teams of Han River Technology to use agile methodologies.

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system that uses SQL language with different complicated data workloads. It is basically a relational database and aims at developing multiple related database rows with variant data attributes. PsotgreSQL is the most common type of database that focuses on increasing extensibility and determines the integrations of the common database architecture.

PostgreSQL is an advanced version of SQL which provides support to different functions of SQL like foreign keys, subqueries, triggers, and different user-defined types and functions. Professionals of Han River Technology always focuses on using the PostgreSQL queries for framing a professional relational database network for the smooth functioning of the applications.

Core Data is a framework that manages the model layer objects in different applications. It provides adequate solutions to manage object life cycle and aims at managing the persistent nature of the database networking standards. Core Data make adequate details of mapping the objects and saves data from Swift and Objective-C to administer the database infrastructure.

Core Data enable inverse relationship to indulge architectural changes to foster the nature of adaptive business entities to outlook the feasibility of NSManagedObjectContext syntax. The professionals of Han River Technology uses this framework to develop relationship with several functionalities of the interconnected objects.